Today's shoppers are more tech savvy than ever and are always connected. They precisely know what to buy and where to buy. It is critical for brick and mortar retailers to address the technological gaps in their customer engagement process or else they will continue to lose ground to


RoboKart ™

Interactive Shopping Assistant for Supermarkets

Shopping cart is one tool that's engaged right from the parking lot and throughout the shopping duration. It's the most important facility provided by the stores. Why not make it the most effective? RoboKart is placed directly on the cart and it serves as a friendly personal shopping assistant engaging customers as they need it and when they need it. And watch how quickly it can transform your customer engagement process. In fact it's only the beginning...

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RoboMart ™

Interactive Shopping Assistant for Small & Mid-sized Retailers

RoboMart is ideal for small and mid-sized retail stores that cannot have shopping carts. They can deploy the same friendly interactive shopping assistants strategically placed at different locations throughout the store. They not only provide product information, but also recognize prime customers, traffic patterns within stores, anticipate better customer-staff requirements etc.

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Imagine having a user friendly interactive personal shopping assistant with each of your customers. The possible advantages are just endless

Interactive emotive display

People friendly
More engaging than tablet based solutions

Shopping Assistant

Voice enabled; Conversational chatbot - retains context
Deliver any type of product info including consumer ratings, price, location directly to the user screen

Product Classifier

Identifies products as they get placed into the cart
Enables Auto-checkout

Face Recognition

Know your customers - Greet by Name
Personalized Offers - "Your price"

Product Recommender

Product recommendations based on the shopping patterns and location
Deliver customer engaging in-store just-in-time promos

Indoor Navigation

Enables indoor navigation
Effective merchandising based on store traffic

Happy Customers
Happy Retailers

• High ROI
• Enhanced customer engagement
• Improved employee productivity
• Effective merchandising


Shopping is becoming increasingly immersive with connected devices. We bring advanced AI platform that makes shopping more engaging and easy to operationalize

AI learning platform

video streaming

Big data

Patent pending

Easy to


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Transform your customers' in-store shopping experience like never before

Having the RoboKart and RoboMart digital shopping assistants in your stores not only makes your stores more engaging, but also makes lot of business sense.

In fact it’s like hiring Store Associates who can take care of your customers 24x7x365 days.

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Our team comprises of ph.ds, engineers and designers who embody the philosophy of keeping it simple

Our guiding companies have always been Apple and Disney. These two companies are epitome for elegance, minimalistic design, and bringing emotions to the forefront and keeping technology behind the scenes. They created magic where people are drawn to their products for generations. We want to follow these leaders into the new era of robots where robots need not be tacky, mechanical and lack emotions.